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Youtubers entered supermarket with painted mask

Youtubers entered supermarket with  painted mask

American youtuber painted mask

American youtuber painted mask to enter Pepito Supermarket in Jl Semer, Kerobokan. Video went viral and angered many Indonesian citizens asking to deport them .  The two US  youtubers Josh Paler Lin and Lisha with 3.4 million subscribers often recording controversial video's . Josh and Lisa are  currently in Bali where they show their refusal  of security guard at a Pepito supermarket in Bali for not wearing a mask.

I'm sorry, did you forget your mask? (Sorry , did you forget your mask ?)" Said the supermarket security guard to Josh's girlfriend.

American youtuber painted mask

Both of them could not enter the supermarket. , Josh had the idea of ​​tricking the officer by painting  a mask on Lisha her face  in light blue and white color

They tried  again to enter the supermarket and  managed to enter after going through a handgun temperature check by the security guard,

Josh and Lisha recounted their experiences while facing the camera they were carrying. They admitted to being surprised no one was aware of it.

"Do you realize no one is paying attention to you?" said Josh

Of course. Because it looks authentic, ”replied Lisha.

At  their shopping and a Balinese citizen realizes that Lisha is not actually wearing a mask.

After returning from the supermarket, Josh shared a video of their experience on Facebook entitled "Facebook Exclusive Pranks !!" on April 16, 2021. Video was crowded into a conversation after a Bali resident  Ni Luh Djelantik kem shared  the video on Instagram. People are desperately fighting their way out of the pandemic storm. Beaten right and left front and back. These two foreigners  have no empathy. In fact, making Covid-19 a joke says Ni Luh Djelantik who also urged the Immigration to take action against the two American Youtubers  who locked already their Instagram accounts @joshpalerlin and @ lisha0902.

No immigration violations

The Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in Bali, Jamaruli Manihuruk said that the US citizens   have not committed immigration violations.

He confirmed to have found the  concerned people who painted mask on their face. Because this is a state of law and must be followed up in accordance with the law, but no immigration violation has been found," sais Jamaruli in his press statement in Denpasar on Wednesday. (21/04/2021).

American youtuber painted mask



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