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Bali Dog Got Shot Dead By Air Gun

Bali Dog Got Shot Dead By Air Gun
Popular Bali Dog Got Shot by air gun
 Youths on motorbike on entrance of the parking at Balai Desa Punggul in the Blahkiuh Area on Thursday afternoon 15/04/2021.Sophie was born in August 2013 in the suburbs of Karangasem  where she was raised by the Balinese family of the current owner. On the early age of 3 months she moved to the Kerobokan area where she started a new life . She was a typical local dog and was loved by many people who find her cute and friendly. She was taken nearly every day for a walk outside or to run on a beach . She was from 2014 nearly always present at most events of the running clubs HHH2 , BHHH and Barong HHH. Until last week she even participated on the runs where she was following the rice paddies. Her presence and kindness during the last 7 years  made her very popular and she became for many members an animal friend and will be missed . She survived few accidents and always recovered soon until  the tragic end on Thursday 15/04/2021.
Popular Bali Dog Got Shot
Sophie is now resting in peace in Desa Beringkit / Marga .
Sophie walked into a calm street when suddenly two young boys on a motorbike were passing the area with an air gun to shoot birds. Without any reason they pointed the gun to the dog and shot the 8 years old dog in the back. A witness identified the motorbike with the two young boys ( aprox 13/14 years old ) driving away when the dog cried from pain. Less then one minute later she collapsed. The owner and other people tried to save her , but Sophie did not survive this cowardly act. People and dog owners in the area have been questioned and warned to keep the dog inside to avoid similar attacks. The local authorities and  leaders of the village of Blahkiuh are still investigating the incident.
Shooting bird with pistols is illegal in Indonesia, but is happening daily in most area's on Bali island.
Mostly it practiced by younger boys and always in areas out of their home village. This makes it a difficult task to find the suspects who killed Sophie.
The owners of the Sophie together with friends want to take action to highlight the danger of teenagers using air guns and write open letter to the Bali governor.


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