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Russian citizen found hanged at Ubud bungalow

Russian citizen found hanged at  Ubud bungalow

Russian designer found dead in Ubud

Russian designer found dead in alleged suicide at his bungalow in Lodtunduh Village, Ubud on Monday morning 10 AM 22/03/2021. The body of Pavel Chernousov, 29 was first discovered by Andrea, also a Russian  citizen Andrea who wanted to show the glasses she had just bought for Pavel when she made the dramatic discovery. She was suddenly shocked and hysterical after she saw the victim hanged himself in his bungalow on 2 nd floor. She immediately ran downstairs and informed the owner of the bungalow who went straight to the victim's room and then cut the rope wrapped around the victim's neck and lowered the body. He contacted the nearest police who came immediately to the location and opened a crime investigation.

Russian designer found dead in Ubud

According Gede Sudyatmaja from the Ubud  Police unit, could  the police and members from the Ubud Public Health Center  not find any signs of violence on the victim's body. After the victim was declared dead, the body was immediately evacuated by ambulance from the Indonesian Red Cross to the Sanglah Central General Hospital, Denpasar

Russian designer found dead

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Sanur hotel claims beach and asked Balinese woman to move

Sanur hotel claims beach and asked Balinese woman to move

Sanur hotel claims beach is only for their guest and kicked out Balinese resident with her daughter on  Wednesday 24/03/2021. The female resident  Mirah Sigandhi who lives in Sanur was playing in the sand  with her daughter near the Puri Santrian Hotel without using their facilities. Suddenly a security guard came to her and asked her is she  was a guest at the hotel.  Mirah admitted that she was not and was told by the security guard not to sit in the so-called hotel area. She was asked to move other beach and felt intimidated by the hotel staff .

She added several videos of the incident  on her Instagram account @mirahsugandhi and explained how she felt  after being kicked out of the beach which she thought anyone could enjoy.

This beach belongs to the public. This is a very wide beach. I just found out that hotels can have beaches. I'm still in shock and why I was kicked out," said Mirah, quoted from her Instagram account, Wednesday (24/03/2021 ).

and kicked out Balinese resident

 Hotel Puri Santiran, admits that they do not know the complete story of the security guard evicted local residents who were playing on the beach near the hotel.

and kicked out Balinese resident

Dezire Mulvani, the head of the Denpasar tourist office confirmed  to have received the information of aa viral video where a Balinese resident  had a issue  on Sanur beach and his party will check the information with the hotel mentioned in Mirah's upload. He stated that none of the beaches in Sanur are privately owned and all beaches are open to the public. According Dezire, it should have never happened and  maybe we will approach the hotel if it really happened . The beach belongs to the public, not the hotel, that's obvious. he said.

Sanur hotel claims beach

Bali tourist posted video of most dangerous animal

Bali tourist posted video of most dangerous animal

Bali tourist recorded video of most deadly octopus and unknowingly holding one of the most dangerous animals in her hand  for 20 minutes.

Bali tourist recorded video
Kaylin Phillips, from Virginia in the US, was enjoying a day at the beach in Bali when she spotted the blue-ringed octopus in the water. Credit: Kaylin Phillips/Instagram

Bali tourist recorded video of most deadly octopus and unknowingly holding one of the most dangerous animals in her hand  for 20 minutes. Little did she know at the time, but the blue-ringed octopus' venom contains the powerful neurotoxin tetrodotoxin, which can cause death by respiratory arrest within minutes. After Kaylin looked up the species she realized how close she had been to death as she held the critter in her hand.  The venom, tetrodotoxin, can paralyze a human in minutes, depriving the body of oxygen and causing death in serious cases. Most bites are initially not painful but may begin to throb and feel numb after 10 minutes. Its bite is usually painless, but after 10 minutes, the victim may have difficulty breathing, become paralyzed, and require artificial ventilation until they can be transported to a hospital. The duration of life-threatening symptoms is usually 4 to 10 hours - after that time, surviving patients typically show rapid signs of improvement. There is no anti-venom available for blue-ringed octopus bites. In extreme cases  blue-ringed octopus bites can cause death from respiratory failure or cardiac arrest.



Bali tourist recorded video

Bali increased Covid-19 fines for foreigners

Bali increased Covid-19 fines for foreigners

Bali increased Covid-19 fines by 90 % up to 70 US$ ( 1.000.000 rp ) and could also face deportation when it been repeated by foreigners who violate the health protocol. This enforcement  has been announced by the Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster on Tuesday (9/03/2021) who presumes that this  violations are  committed by foreigners.

Bali increased Covid-19 fines for foreigners by 90 %The central government  asked to tighten up to impose administrative fines from 7 US$ ( 100.000 rp ) to 70 US$ ( 1.000.000 rp ) on those who violate health protocols and only 7 US$ ( 100.000 rp ) for Indonesian offenders  These fines are contained in Chapter IV Article 11 Paragraph 2 part B. In that point, it is explained that the administrative sanction of Rp. 1 million is given.

Bali increased Covid-19 fines

Both Indonesian citizens and foreigners who violate the health protocols wil be punished severely then before sins the Bali authorities formed a special unit to catch the health protocol violators. The team will continue to visit red zones, carrying out mask raids on the streets and alerting shops  to the restrictions on operating hours. Karo Ops explained that all will be done must to crack down crowned places and could act with rapidly with the intervention of  Satpol PP  for possible closures.

Bali increased Covid-19 fines for foreignersThe Bali police of the Badung area recorded during the period from January 11 until March 6, 2021,  411 people caught who violate the health protocol, mostly for  not wearing masks. , 367 from them are comidded by foreigners and the remaining 44 by Indonesians 


Relaxed restrictions revives Bali islands

Relaxed restrictions revives Bali islands

Softened restrictions revives Bali

Softened restrictions revives Bali which allows all social activities and extension of opening hours for shops, bars  and restaurants.softened restrictions revives Bali

Koster, the governor  of Bali  hopes these  the relaxed arrangements will give better opportunities for all  traders and other business owners  to increase the economic revenue suffering for more then a year caused by the pandemic. said Koster  announced the relaxations as part of the extension of the micro PPKM  in a Circular Letter Number 06 from march 9 th until March 22 nd 20221

Koster explained that for restaurants, restaurants and shopping centers  still should respect the existing restrictions to have maximum of 50 percent of normal capacity. all bars & restaurants are still  have limited operating hours until 22.00 H instead of 21.00 H. All other public events, and religious activities are allowed to be opened and implemented with the maximum capacity limitation of 50 % and must also have implement a better controlled  health protocol with a very limited number of participants and a very limited duration of time. The rapid antigen test will be still a mandatory for all participants who attend any event or activity.

softened restrictions revives Bali

Bali green Covid-19 corridor

Bali starts to prepare three area's Ubud ,Nusa Dua  and Sanur to become green zones with the ongoing COVID-19 vaccination program. The Minister of Health and  the Minister of Tourism  will establish a Free Covid Corridor to guarantee  safe travel trips of foreign visitors in the near future says Koster now the mass COVID-19 vaccination program aims to reduce transmissions.

softened restrictions revives Bali

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Bali Three Green vaccinated zones to open for travel bubble

Bali Three Green vaccinated zones to open for travel bubble

Bali Three Green Zones

Bali three green zones get's priority to the vaccination program for launching the Free Covid Corridor to receive finally foreign tourists announced in the new circulation letter on Monday 08/03/2021. The Tourism Office of Denpasar City has started to collect data on all restaurant and hotel workers in the Sanur area to speed up the vaccination program says Dezire Mulyani. The head of the tourism office  on Wednesday 10/03/2021 .

The Regent of Gianyar, Made Mahayastra Highlighted the fact that the cooperation of all party's is urgently needed, especially wit the upcoming Nyepi ( silent day 14/03/2021 ). Let's do what was decided in our latest  meeting yesterday, otherwise the number of cases will increase again after Nyepi , he says.Bali three green zonesHealth Protocols Circular Letter  08/03/2021

1. Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs No. 05 of 2021 concerning the Extension of Restrictions on Micro-Based Community Activities optimizing the Post handling corona virus disease 2019 to control the spread of Corona Virus Disease 2019;
2. Bali Governor Regulation No. 10 of 2021 concerning The Application of Discipline and Law Enforcement of Health Protocols as An Effort to Prevent and Control Corona Virus Disease 2019 in the New Era Of Life Order
3. Circular Letter of the Governor of Bali Number 3355 of 2020 concerning The Protocol of New Era Life Order.
1. The high number of Covid-19 transmissions in Bali province is currently marked by an increase in daily cases of Covid-19.
2. The need for all parties to maintain health, comfort, security, and safety for the people of Bali.
In this Circular Letter there are several new arrangements that are changes from the previous Circular Letter (Circular Letter No. 05 of 2021)

Bali three green zone meeting
The Secretary of Bali Province Dewa Made Indra while reviewing the implementation of vaccinations for tourism workers at the Harris Hotel, Kuta, on 10/03/ 2021.

1. Activities in restaurants / restaurants / stalls and the like for on-site services are carried out a maximum of 50% of the normal capacity that was originally limited to 21.00 H can operate until 22.00 H while still applying health protocols more strictly. As for food service through delivery / take-away is still allowed.
2. Activities in shopping centers / malls operate that originally until 21.00 H. and can operate until 22.00 H
3. For public facilities, customary, religious, and socio-cultural activities, it is permitted to be opened and implemented with a maximum capacity restriction of 50% with the application of stricter health protocols with a limited number of participants.
4. For Domestic Travelers who will enter the territory of Bali there are changes with the following.
• for those who travel by air transportation must show a certificate of negative results of PCR-based swab test no later than 2 x 24 hours before departure or a certificate of negative results of rapid test antigen test that was originally no later than 1 x 24 hours changed to a maximum of 2 x 24 hours before departure;
while for travelers by land and sea transportation is still required to show a certificate of negative results of PCR-based swab test or negative results of Rapid Test Antigen test no later than 3 x 24 hours before departure.
5. softened  arrangements are expected to provide greater opportunities for traders and other businesses to increase the economic activity.
6. This Circular Letter shall come into force from  Tuesday dated March 9, 2021 until Monday March 22, 2021.
7 .This Governor Regulation adds  the regulation on sanctions for Foreigners or foreign tourists visiting Bali. Violations of health protocols for them will be fined Rp. 1.000.000 ( 70 US$ ) for the first violation and Deportation if they commit violations for the second time.
Handling violations by foreigners or foreign tourists in addition to involving elements of the TNI, POLRI, and or Satpol PP also involves relevant vertical agencies such as the Bali Provincial Law and Human Rights Office.
III. Bali Province still gets special attention in handling Covid-19 from the Central Government, this can be seen from:
1. Bali gets priority in vaccine distribution.
2. Bali with the direction and permission of the Minister of Health of the Minister of Tourism and 8.Creative Economy will establish the Free Covid-19  Corridor, namely the establishment of Green Zones in three regions.

Ubud third green zone
9.The three areas are: Ubud , Nusa Dua, and Sanur
will become the Free Covid-19 Corridor in handling Covid-19 safe travel, namely by establishing health zones that are free from Covid-19 through a comprehensive vaccination program for people who live and do activities in the Zone or Region.
10.The Covid-19 Vaccination Program aims to reduce the transmission/transmission of Covid-19, reduce the rate of pain and death due to Covid-19, achieve herd immunity and protect the public from Covid-12 With the Free Covid-19 Corridor Program is the preparation of the opening stage of tourism for foreign tourists.



Bali only reopens in 2022 for international tourists

Bali only reopens in 2022 for international tourists


Bali reopens in 2022 completely for international tourists says Indonesian Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin on Friday March 12 th 2021. Budi confirmed that his party decided to reopen Bali for international tourists during the first months of  2022 but still designed Ubud and Nusa Dua to reopening first when he visited restaurant Bebek Tepi Sawah, Ubud on Friday, March 12, 2021.

 1 ) The first step will be the vaccination of residents and tourism workers during the period March - June 2021.

2 ) All employees from Denpasar Airport will be vaccinated during  May to June 2021,

3 ) All habitations of all areas out of the green zone will be vaccinated  from July to December 2021,

4 ) The preparation for the opening of foreign tourists October to December 2021

5 ) The central government will start  a trial to open Bali to foreign tourist visits from January to March 2022.

6 ) The official opening of the green zones Ubud and Nusa Dua will take place in April 2022.

Bali reopens in 2022 completely for foreigners

Budi announced already on the end of January 2021 that the mass vaccination  will  take 15 months, from January 2021 until March 2022.

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Australian senior found dead in Kuta hotel room

Australian senior  found dead in Kuta hotel room


Australian senior found dead in Kuta  by housekeeper in his hotel room at the Janji Inn on the Jalan Bunut Sari in Legian on Friday night 12/03/2021 at 19.26 H. Australian national Patrick  Boyd (72)  his body was discovered in front the toilet door his by Patrick's friend Dede Setiawan and the hotel employee  Angrenni of hotel Janji where he stayed for the last two years . Dede was first contacted on Friday evening around 6.30 PM by  Gusti Ayu Manik who was looking after his health conditions when he was in Bali.

 Gusti ask Dede to check if Patrick was inside his room as Gusti tried to call Patrick several times without the phone was answered . Dede decided to visite Patrick at the hotel to check if all was fine, Patrick his room was locked and he didn't respond when Dede called him ,The house keeper Anggreni of Hotel Janji inn  finally opened the door with a duplicate key and made he shocking  discovery when they saw the naked body of Patrick on the floor.

Australian citizen found dead in Legian

Medication heart disease found

His body was transported by ambulance to the Sanglah Hospital and  the Bali police officer Iptu I Ketut  Sukadi admitted that he will questioning several witnesses to know the cause of Patrick's death. Sukadi presumes that Patrick had health issues with his heart and find large range of medicine on his table including 1 box of Paracetamol , 2 Stop Cold pepels, 1 Demacolin , 1 Lodia , 1 V Bloc ,

Australian citizen found dead in Legian

There were no signs of any violence but the victims according the Denpasar Identification police

Patrick Boyd pictured at the Moo Moo's Steakhouse in Legian

Patrick  Boyd celebrating his 72 birthday on March 2 nd 2021 and was in Bali was a visa ( Kitas ) holder.


Australian orgasm instructor arrested in Ubud

Australian orgasm instructor arrested in Ubud

Australian orgasm instructor arrested in Ubud

Andrew Barnes, an Australian citizen ( 50 ) was planning  to have the so called orgasm class "Tantric Full Body Energy Orgasm Retreat"

in Bali . He finally was arrested in his villa in Ubud by the police on Friday night (5/3/2021) . His facebook posted event  of organising orgasm classes shocked many Balinese people and the politician Ni Luh Djeantik in Ubud from Saturday (6/3/2021) untill Tuesday (9/3/2021).

and it came to the attention of Balinese autorities who took action hours later.The 3 days event should take placeantik Pun highlighted the event

The event was organised  by Sexologist Andrew Barnes who charges the participants 600 US Dollars ( Rp. 8 million rupiah ).

Luh Djelantik also highlighted several issues related to the classes , including the licence
, working permit and organising events without permision during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ukrainian model arrested in Padang Bai with fake PCR certificate

Ukrainian model arrested in Padang Bai with fake PCR certificate

The police of Karangasem arrested the Ukrainian woman Olena Mukh (26) and the Rusian citicen Dimitry Anokh  (42) when they 

returned from Lombok in Padangbai on Tuesday morning 02/03/2021 at 9. 30 AM.


On thursday 04/03/2021,the two foreigners are still detained in Karangasem after they presented suspected documents  of the COVID-19 swab test according the Karangasem polife chief Ni Nyoman Suartini . the Karangasem Police Chief both of them showed a certificate of the results of the Covid-19 PCR test, which was issued by the Siloam Media Hospital in Canggu

During the investigation, the officer found irregularities between the issuance time and the registration number of the certificate.

 The officer then contacted the hospital and received confirmation that he had never issued the letter. 

The two suspects  claimed to have received the PCR test result letter from a person named Steve. 

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